Legal Updates

    How Do Offshore Basket Transfer Accidents Occur?

    Maritime workers on oil rigs, wind farms, and other offshore installations are exposed to a multitude of hazards. Fires, explosions, hypothermia, falling overboard, equipment mishaps, and electrocution are just a few of the accidents that can result in injury or… Read More

    Defining a Vessel Under Jones Act Law

    One of the requirements for winning a Jones Act lawsuit is showing that you spent a substantial part of your employment time contributing to the operation of a vessel or vessels in navigation. But what does the Jones Act mean… Read More

    Do I Need a Maritime Lawyer?

    If you work in the maritime industry, we don't have to tell you that you're exposed to risks and hazards on a regular basis. Accidents happen with little or no warning. They can leave a worker with serious, even fatal… Read More

    Common Types of Maritime Accidents

    The maritime industry is one of the most essential industries in the world, responsible for transporting goods and people across vast distances. However, it is also known to be a dangerous industry, with many different types of accidents that can… Read More