The partners of Lewis, Kullman, Sterbcow & Abramson, LLC have had extensive experience and have a proven record of success handling the most complicated cases involving injuries caused by over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, and medical devices. Drugs and devices have helped millions of people lead better, healthier lives. Unfortunately, sometimes drugs should not be used by some people because they can cause harm. Sometimes manufacturers have produced devices that have dangerous defects. And sometimes manufacturers have put a drug on the market without giving the FDA or physicians or patient’s adequate information about the drug’s side effects and complications.

These are some of the most difficult cases to prove. We have successfully represented clients in a large number of cases involving defective drugs and devices. Some examples include:

  • Child got Reye’s Syndrome and suffered permanent brain damage after taking aspirin
  • Adult suffered blindness after taking prescription medication
  • Adult suffered paralysis from device used to treat a herniated vertebral disc
  • Adult suffered multiple compression fractures from side effects of medication
  • Adult suffered massive tissue loss from improper use of pelvic sling
  • Adult committed suicide after taking anti-depressant prescription medication
  • Adult had to have defective hip prosthesis removed

Two MDL proceedings were created for claims involving so-called Metal on Metal hip prostheses (MOM). Our firm has taken on litigation for a Metal on Polyethylene hip prosthesis (MOP) manufactured by Zimmer, Inc. which involved corrosion of the Versys Femoral Head at its junction with a Zimmer Trabecular femoral stem. The corrosion manifested as black, flaky material at the Morse Junction where the stem was inserted into the head and caused Abnormal Local Tissue Reactions (ALTR) and pain and the need for revision surgery to replace the head with one made of ceramic.

Countless other drugs and devices can cause catastrophic injury or death when potential dangers are ignored and appropriate warnings are not given. It is a complicated, difficult, and expensive process to gather the necessary evidence and make a sound case against the makers of drugs and medical products. These cases involve the use of sophisticated expert witnesses, technical data, and scientific studies and require the attention of highly qualified attorneys. Our partners have the experience and a proven record of success in handling claims like these.

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