Maintenance & Cure – Know Your Rights as a Seaman!

If you are a seaman who has suffered any type of personal injury while in service of a vessel, you are entitled to a unique form of compensation called maintenance and cure. Courts in the United States have enforced a seaman’s right to maintenance and cure since 1823.  Maintenance and cure is not based on fault; therefore, regardless of whether your employer or a third party did anything wrong, you are entitled to these benefits.

“Maintenance” is a daily amount of money that your employer must pay you based on your actual living expenses.  Living expenses include items such as your mortgage/rent, utilities, and food.  “Cure” is your employer’s obligation to pay for your injury-related health care from a doctor of your choosing until you reach maximum medical improvement.

If you are injured on the job, it is critical to know your rights and ensure that your employer meets its obligations under the law.  For a free consultation, please call the experienced admiralty and maritime attorneys at Lewis, Kullman, Sterbcow & Abramson, LLC.