Latest BP Oil Spill News & Press

03-21-14 Next phase of gulf oil spill trial set for 2015

03-17-14 BP asks the entire U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to review the prior appellate decisions that it lost.

03-04-14 BP must live with $9.2 billion oil spill deal, court says

03-03-14 In BP Oil Disaster, appeals court rules claimants need not prove direct harm

02-26-14 Judge denies BP’s request to delay seafood claims payments

01-10-14 Multibillion-dollar BP oil spill settlement upheld by U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Panel

12-31-13 BP renews request for 5th Circuit to require businesses to prove losses resulted from oil spill

12-06-13 Federal Judge temporarily suspends BP oil spill settlement payments

12-05-13 On this date, the Court issued an Order amending the October 18, 2013 preliminary injunction relating to Business Economic Loss (BEL) claims.

11-22-13 Federal judge denies BP’s ‘disappointing’ attempt to rewrite oil spill business claims rules

11-04-13 BP tells 5th Circuit to throw out private oil spill settlement if business claims rules aren’t fixed

10-21-13 Federal judge mandates changes to rules for business claims in BP settlement, reacting to appeals court ruling

10-18-13 In light of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision of October 2, 2013, the Court issued a Preliminary Injunction suspending certain Business Economic Loss and Individual Economic Loss claims under the Economic and Property Damages Settlement

10-11-13 Federal judge orders BP, private plaintiffs to hammer out changes to business claims rules

09-30-13 Second phase of BP trial over the 2010 Gulf oil spill focuses on flow rates, ‘top kills’ and ‘junk shots’

09-27-13 BP oil spill trial’s second phase, starting Monday, will play key role in deciding massive fines

09-23-13 BP again asks federal judge to suspend Deepwater Horizon oil spill private claims payments

09-17-13 Gulf oil spill claims administrator charges BP is trying to ‘slow walk’ claims payments

09-06-13 BP negotiated the settlement it’s trying to disown

09-04-13 BP oil spill victims ask appeals court to uphold approval of multibillion-dollar settlement

08-20-13 BP not a victim: Opposing view

07-09-13 The Truth About the BP Settlement (Class Counsel)

07-08-13 BP, plaintiffs’ lawyers argue before 5th Circuit on challenge over oil spill payments

03-05-13 Transocean toolpusher recalls harrowing final moments aboard rig as testimony continues in BP oil spill trial

02-28-13 BP’s safety chief testifies that internal report did not probe management’s role in Gulf oil spill

02-27-13 BP investigators were never given oil well cement test results, samples by Halliburton

02-23-13 BP, Halliburton, Transocean, plaintiffs’ lawyers all prepare to face off in gulf oil spill trial

02-22-13 The phases of the BP oil spill trial explained

04-18-12 Attorneys in BP Oil Spill Case File Documents Outlining Details of Proposed Settlement

03-02-12 PSC in BP Oil Spill Litigation Announces Settlement in Principle with BP

10-29-10 Paul Sterbcow appears on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, Halliburton knew Deepwater cement was unstable

10-08-10 The Court issued Pretrial Order #8, which appoints the members of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee

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