If you sustained property damage or your business has been interrupted due to Hurricane Laura or Hurricane Sally and you maintain homeowners’ insurance, flood insurance, commercial property insurance, and/or business interruption insurance, contact us today to assist you with your insurance claim.

We will perform a free review of your policy to determine whether you have a potential insurance claim. Every policy is different and that is why it is important to have an experienced attorney review your policy to analyze your coverages, determine how to effectively present your claim and avoid costly mistakes. If you have a claim to make, we will prepare and submit it, and we will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf in order to get the maximum compensation for you. Handling insurance claims can be a full time job. We are here to help ensure that you receive the maximum amount for your claim while you focus on rebuilding your property or business.

If you hire us to handle your insurance claim, we will:

  • analyze your policy coverages and damages and help avoid policy limitations and exclusions
  • complete an expertly detailed estimate of what is required to repair or rebuild your property
  • prepare inventories on your damaged personal or business property, contents, and related items
  • analyze and prepare reports on your time-related losses, such as business interruption, loss of rents or additional living expenses
  • communicate directly with the insurance company on your behalf
  • work with the insurance company to negotiate your claim fairly and equitably, resulting in a settlement that is acceptable to you
  • prepare your claim for litigation from day one, minimizing any potential weaknesses in your claim or future case if a settlement cannot be reached

Contact us today to help you on your road to recovery.